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Our Vision
Impartial decentralised intelligence of NooSphereum systems focused on long-term interests of civilisation and planet optimises development paths for continents, countries, cities, regions and people: global and local decisions and strategies are balanced and coordinated with the plans and actions of each person
Our mission is to radically improve the management of economic activities at all levels to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem and the real prosperity of humankind
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Softcap Hardcap

THE Operating system for the economy

what are we building?

An advanced model of the cyber economy based on a cross-sectoral balance that uses AI to optimise the long-term plans of countries, cities, industries, companies and people in line with the long-term goals of preserving the Earth, its inhabitants and human civilisation.
Billions of smartphones, personal computers and servers participate in a neural network, creating distributed computing to optimise millions of global and local economic solutions based on terabytes of highly structured data.
The multimodal duplicating network unites all continents, countries, enterprises, and each person in the uniform encrypted, reliable, and trusted commercial information space containing their intentions, strategies, long-term plans, and implementation results.
The unified framework of multilevel strategic planning for social systems (country, city, company) and individuals (entrepreneurs and people) creates a single dynamic plan for the entire planet, balancing all interests with long-term goals.

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How technology can make the world a better place



It is low-level software that supports essential economic functions such as creating, sharing and storing value, planning economic activities and controlling related processes and services.

The world has accumulated a lot of problems and imbalances. To get rid of this negative legacy, we need a new quality of governance at all economic levels: from any government to each individual.

The Noosphereum Project creates infrastructure and processes for the transition to a new social and economic system with entirely new or improved characteristics:
  • Significant upgrade of the core of the economy
  • Balancing economic solutions at all levels in real-time
  • Smart competition between companies and people
  • Labour equivalent of a value exchange
  • Lifelong planning, social security and employment
  • Inexhaustible opportunities to improve life on the planet

Main Features

We can achieve such large-scale changes through

  • A self-learning AI to optimize long-term development
  • Global multi-level synchronization of long-term plans
  • An advanced search engine for the economy using AI
  • A globally unified social security system
  • A globally integrated personal planning throughout life
  • A globally integrated strategic planning for enterprises


The Noosphereum
Decentralised blockchain network for multi-level global economic trust
The PlanNet
The core cyber economics system minimises all types of economic misbalances
Native Coin
The core of the new economic system – a cryptocurrency based on labour equivalent
Global Reserve
Global Monetary Fund with hyperflexible interest rates to manage the money supply
Smart Contracts
Long-term smart contracts (social protection, education and employment)
Personal PlanNet
Personal planning throughout life (social protection, education and career)
Global Social Security
Flexible basic income, social security, employment and retirement plans
Mobile App
Application for planning, creation and execution of long-term smart contracts and transactions

Business Model

How noosphereum creates, delivers, and captures value

To thrive, the operating system of the economy must be profitable. The Noosphereum systems provide unique and non-reproducible value for all users to achieve profitability. Noosphereum is created to help solve the real problems of each person and civilisation as a whole.

Please note that Noosphereum does not oppose governments but provides them with quality planning and sustainable development of their countries and regions. Noosphereum contributes to a radical improvement in the quality of governance and provides a significant reduction in government spending.

In the picture below, you see the diagram of the business model of the global company that we are building. You can find a more detailed analysis of the business model in our blog.

This business model demonstrates a closed loop of ecosystem functioning, including obtaining and converting resources into value and transferring it to consumers. As you can see, Noosphereum benefits various client segments and economic agents. In addition, several revenue streams ensure the sustainability of the business model in multiple conditions and at different stages of the system’s operation and deployment.


  • Economically active people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small and medium business
  • Enterprises
  • Corporations
  • Schools, Universities, etc.
  • Local governments
  • Governments
  • International organisations

Value for users

Сonfidence in the future
Long-term planning of career, educational and retirement paths
Sustainable Development
By minimising wasted effort and material costs in the pursuit of common goals
Optimised Strategic Plans
Strategic plans synchronised with the resource and consumer chains
Value Storage and Exchange
Value exchange and storage mechanism based on labour equivalent
Long-Term Personal Plans
Turning wish lists into secured and enforceable plans
LT Resource Endowment
Providing projects with resources without attracting capital
Roadmap 2022 / 2028

 Our Strategy and Project Plan

Innovations List

 Our Strategy and Project Plan


At the core of the Noosphereum blockchain is an innovative consensus mechanism — neither proof-of-work nor proof-of-stake — whereby nodes collectively update the ledger state by following a phased decentralised alignment approach.


The Noospherium is building a self-learning AI based on an intersectoral balance and cyber economics approaches that will help achieve sustainable development and replace the outdated principles of today’s economy.


For effective data processing, we develop a specific markup language, which helps to seamlessly unify economic activities around the world from governments and corporations to entrepreneurs and consumers.


The Noosphereum implements flexible interest rates for credit transactions, depending on global goals. This system is an instrument of targeted development and counteraction to negative economic trends.


A fusion of science and practice

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More About The Noosphere

Quotes about the noosphere

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
We have as yet no idea of the possible magnitude of ‘noospheric’ effects, – human vibrations resounding by the million – a whole layer of consciousness exerting simultaneous pressure upon the future and the collected and hoarded produce of a million years of thought.
Vladimir Vernadsky
We cannot afford not to realize that, in the great historical tragedy through which we live, we have elementally chosen the right path leading into the noösphere… The historians and political leaders only begin to approach a comprehension of the phenomena of nature from this point of view.
noosphereum deem rytse dmitri rytsev
Dmitri Rytsev
It is unlikely that the noosphere will arise by itself. Higher forms of the mind are impossible without focused efforts and incremental advances. The first phase of the noosphere can be the noospheric economy to manage the economic activities of civilisation.

Fundraising Plan

Structure, Phases & Channels Specifications

$ 20M

Target On Crowdsale

Including all channels and phases of the fundraising


Soft Cap

The project will gradually develop as funding is received


Total Token Supply

Token supply may increase with insufficient funding



Can be changed in the main net


Purchase Methods

All channels support Know Your Customer (KYC) verification

Token Distribution

  • Public Presale 5%
  • Public Sale 15%
  • Public IEO Sale 20%
  • Ecosystem for 6 years 20%
  • Team 20%
  • Advisors 1%
  • Founders 9%
  • Emission Reserve 10%

Expected Use Of Proceeds

  • Research&Prototype 15%
  • Product Development 35%
  • Infrastructure&Systems 10%
  • Marketing&Community 20%
  • Corporate Purposes 8%
  • Bounty, Partnership 2%
  • Reserved Funding 10%

Planned Distribution of Income and Expenses over Time

    Expected Distribution of Income

    Cyber Economics Module Expenses

    Blockchain Module Expenses

    Artificial Intelligence Module Expenses

  Integrated Planning Module Expenses

    Infrastructure Expenses


We use kyc verified payment systems that support any currency (including cryptocurrencies)*

Activated channels

Planned channels

Non-native token flow

Non-native token to native coin migration flow

Native coin flow

*Due to insufficient regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, we plan to use jurisdictions that allow us to work in the legal field. We may use different jurisdictions, as the project is global and not country-specific. Actual project locations depend on the convenience of project development, labour costs, infrastructure and tax regime.


100+ years

balanced business model


Potential Users


Global coverage

$80+ trillion

Potential SCOPE

How To Contribute To The Project


ways to fund a project

To obtain the resources required to make Noosphereum a reality while maintaining the project’s independence, we are launching several parallel funding channels. They differ in mechanics but have one goal – to help create a noospheric economy on Earth.

presale specifications

Start: November 9, 2019, 20:00 GMT
End: February 20, 2020, 20:00 GMT
Hard cap: $80M
Soft cap: $0M
Project protocol: Waves protocol

non-native token specifications

Platform: Waves platform
Token (Asset): NooSphereum (AssetID see below)
Exchange rate: Flexible market based
The following address is the AssetID for the NooSphereum token on Waves Platform. The AssetID helps identify the token, and it is NOT a deposit address. Therefore, please DO NOT send any tokens or coins to it. You can find the Instruction for buying a token here.

KYC verified Payment Methods:


Any person or company can help us with the project by donating funds. As a donor of funds, they can set special requirements for the recipient, individuals or legal entities, and even a specific project topic. Your donation will be accounted for as income and taxed


This funding channel allows investors to withdraw from a project at any time using a non-native token. You can use token quotes to evaluate project progress and make informed decisions. The token can be purchased by transferring funds or via a decentralised crypto exchange

Main Sale/IEO

After the pre-sale, we plan to deliver a non-native token to the leading crypto exchanges to raise funds through the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This tool will accelerate the implementation of the project and improve the conditions for raising funds for its development

Native Coin***

The deferred access to the mainnet according to the number of native tokens purchased (counted in non-native tokens). This channel avoids the non-regulated cryptocurrency industry until the launch. The purchase is treated as taxable income and cannot be cancelled










Native Coin***



**Donations and grants do not involve any compensation or opportunities to use the Mainnet, native coin or non-native tokens. Therefore, we assume that support through donations and grants does not include any compensation and obligations other than the necessary reporting under the donor’s requirements.

***Both native coin and non-native token are not securities, as they do not imply any ownership rights in any company. The interest of an individual or legal entity can only be to support the creation and use of future NooSphereum systems and the ability to manage internal resources in proportion to the amount of funding contributed.

Guarantees that we can provide to investors. There is a limited guarantee for presale channels and native coin pre-orders. This guarantee means that in the event of failure, termination or delay of a project, the investor may exchange their rights for Strategium.Space e-learning courses, which do not include coaching programs or homework verification. This Limited Investment Guarantee is valid for the maximum amount of such e-learning courses. In the event of failure, termination, or indefinite deferral of a project, the return on investment in cash is only possible in the amount of the balance of funds in proportion to the contributions of all investors, net of taxes and other project’s obligations.

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