Noosphereum: Executive Summary

Noosphereum vision

Progressive scientists of the twentieth century aspired to create a noosphere[1], a phase of civilization development that significantly multiplies the capabilities of the human mind. However, the noosphere cannot arise by itself; it requires purposeful and persistent efforts of the whole humankind. The first step to the noosphere can be the noospheric economy, a particular way of managing the economic activities of civilization.

Noospheric economy is not a reflection of the divergent interests of billions of entities, as it happens today. It is a single system and transparent algorithms that regulate economic activity and direct it towards agreed global goals. The concept of Operating system Noosphereum, described in this paper, can connect all economic activity of civilization and put it to a new level of safety and quality of governance.
It is time for humanity to stop expecting that poorly coordinated economic activity can become the basis for global and shared prosperity. Such an approach aggravates inequality and creates many social, economic, political, environmental and even climatic problems.  It is necessary to create the basis for genuinely fair and progressive development.
For such development to become a reality, it is necessary to create and implement new methods and tools for managing the economy of civilization. These methods should significantly improve the quality of management and exclude the risk of any malpractice due to their negative impact on sustained development. However, not only the low quality of governance and corruption affect the result. The primacy of private interests over public and global ones is the main reason why the declared goals of the global community diverge significantly from the real results of human activity on the planet.

The Solution

Noosphereum Operating System promotes the balanced development of the planet and its people. It provides guaranteed employment for workers, as well as fair labour compensation. Noosphereum helps to keep savings for many decades or even centuries and ensures universal standards of life and social protection throughout the world.

The approach described in this document can reformat the economic fundamentals of civilization and make significant adjustments to the socio-economic principles of the modern world. A specific software in the form of the Noosphereum operating system, including particular subsystems and plug-in modules, covers the functionality of virtually all economic processes and can enable society to manage these processes through direct influence on each economically significant event.

The basic logic of the Noosphereum project is the following.



Disordered planning data
Isolated plans of economic entities

The Noosphereum Interfaces and Framework
Input and structuring of planning data by templates

The (Economic) Intentional field
Linked, streamlined and optimized plans

An advanced human civilization
Balanced and sustained economic activity

In this regard, the system under development should enter the heart of decision making by consumers, business and governments. Many authors and research teams do not formulate the task in such a fundamental way: they concentrate on specific economic problems creating a fragmented field of solutions. Even if these solutions are progressive, humanity spends its energy and money on ideas that are unlikely to work in a single integrated system of the modern global economy.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus our forces and attention on the creation of a single operating system for managing the economic activities of humankind. This work represents the concept of such a system and approaches to its creation. The figure above is a schematic representation of the proposed approach.


Our Mission

The proposed large-scale transformation of economic relations can meet both the support of the progressive part of humanity and significant resistance at various levels of the economy. In this regard, the system provides the functionality of different socio-economic approaches and application of different macroeconomic models. Flexibility in the choice of an economic regime for users will significantly increase the support of the system and the probability of its worldwide implementation.

The mission reveals the essence and purpose of the global project dedicated to the creation and implementation of the Noosphereum operating system. The project mission goes far beyond the economic activity of civilisation. It aims to transform humanity from a community of intelligent people to the intelligent community.

This new global society should be governed not by the chaotic actions of billions of its particles. It should be governed by agreed and compromised goals that equally respect the interests of all people and the Earth’s ecosystem. The development of science and technology creates opportunities for such a mission to come true, and this paper embodies the practical aspects of solving this problem.


Our mission is a radical improvement in the quality of economic activity governance at all levels of the economy. We facilitate the achievement of humankind’s real prosperity, improving each person’s quality of life while maintaining and enhancing the Earth’s ecosystem’s sustainability.

The implementation of the project mission is supposed through the creation and widespread introduction of standardised methods of economic management of each entity in a single information space.

Our Vision

The Noosphereum operating system, once operational, should combine decentralized management and decision-making principles with a global neural network and artificial intelligence. The system should use transparent cyber-economic algorithms based on intersectoral balance and dynamic input/output model to optimize the development path of each of the economic entities and the whole world.

The organization, which will support the operation system Noosphereum after its launch, should become a global methodological and coordinating centre for managing the economic activity of civilization. The company should provide such services and tools, which ensure the highest quality of economic activity planning and management for ordinary consumers, organizations and governments.

Our vision consists of several interrelated parts. We see that in the future, the system will achieve the following characteristics of global economic management:




A redundant multimodal network linking all continents, countries, industries, businesses, workers and consumers into a single economic information space.




The impartial artificial intelligence of the Noosphereum, aimed at the long-term interests of civilisation and the planet, optimises the development paths of continents, countries, cities, towns and people based on transparent algorithms.




Billions of smartphones, personal computers and servers participate daily in the neural network, which produces millions of local and global economic solutions based on terabytes of distributed data.




Strategic plans and decisions of global, state and corporate levels are interdependent with strategic plan and decisions of each person.




The information presented above is from the White paper of the project. We will continue to publish the information gradually. The next post will focus on the project’s strategic goals.
Keep in touch.



[1] The noosphere is a philosophical concept developed and popularized by the biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, and the French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Vernadsky defined the noosphere as the new state of the biosphere and described as the planetary “sphere of reason”. The noosphere represents the highest stage of biospheric development, its defining factor being the development of humankind’s rational activities. Source:

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