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How To Help The NooSphereum Project

Thank you for your desire to help make one of humanity’s most outstanding technological breakthroughs. If you want to help our project without buying a token, it falls under the category of donations and grants.

As a rule, donations make individuals, and grants give legal entities, in particular, foundations. One can make donations in various ways. Below you can see the options that are already working.


Donations in cryptocurrency

Click the link below to see the wallets addresses for the particular cryptocurrencies to send your donation. Your donation will be recorded as income and taxed accordingly.


Donations in currency

Donation through the purchase of a particular digital product from a legal entity through various types of payments. Your donation will be recorded as income and taxed accordingly.


Grants and Awards

This option requires negotiation because the grantor may impose specific requirements on the person or entity that is the recipient of the grant — for example, the reporting requirements.

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